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Rosa Puga offers a variety of healing work, depending on your needs. Without doubt one of the most valuable experiences she provides is her series of ten encounters using  Rebirthing Breathing Technique – an extremely misleading name for something that does not necessarily have anything to do with re-living your birth. Rather it is an opportunity to renew yourself and make room for joy in the here and now, by dispensing with the pain and sorrow of the past.

Rosa’s working methods are impeccably professional, which is very reassuring. But what sets her apart from others in the field is her multi-disciplinary approach and knowledge rooted in profound learning and thought. The links and associations drawn from a wide range of sources greatly enrich individual journeys to well-being.

The non-judgmental and nurturing environment Rosa provides at her centre inspires trust, and confidentiality is 100% guaranteed.

You can discover her work for yourself at: http://www.rosapuga.com/copia-de-home

Other  places of interest in the Limache Valley, ranging from biodance to Buddhist meditation can also be found. Up-to-date info on arrival.

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