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Feb 2012: We actually spent more time at ‘home’ than anticipated, because it was such a sunny, Mediterranean place to be. Susan, VA, USA

Coming from the street, nothing prepares you for the secret world beyond the gates of the Quinta Escondida: a uniquely beautiful combination of formal gardens and more natural areas that recall a traditional Mediterranean garden. Strolling along its many paths, you will encounter hidden benches and hammocks that each offer a completely different view and atmosphere. Sit quietly, and you will hear the high-pitched squeak of shimmering humming birds. Depending on the time of year, these will either be tiny missiles of iridescent greens and blues, or the giant humming bird, whose plumage is a more stately brown.

Victoria by the pool.
Victoria by the pool.

Sunbathing or reading a book by the azure waters of the pool is another popular pass time, followed naturally by a glass of delicious Chilean wine on one of the terraces or under the great avocado tree that shades the BBQ area. Discovering the amazing variety of fruit growing here is also a great pleasure: there are six different varieties of avocado trees, as many varieties of grapes, three varieties of apples, along with white and purple figs, peaches, apricots, purple and yellow plums, pears, almonds, and pomegranates.

Some visitors simply choose a book from the library and don’t reappear until it is time to go home!

chile quinta escondida library
There are lots of books relating to Chile you won’t find elsewhere.


Home away from home in Chile