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The Quinta Escondida is an excellent base to get fit for more strenuous journeys to the Andes and Patagonia. If you can’t manage the summit of La Campana in the nearby National Park, you are certainly not ready for the famous hiking routes in southern Chile. Even if you are not a hard core hiker, there are some lovely walks you can do in Cerro La Campana National Park. There are three different sectors to explore. Two park entrances are by the village of Olmué, 10km from the house. The third entrance is at Ocoa near the Pan American Highway, and can only be reached in your own transport.  It is a very special part of the park, however, and worth trying to get to, because it has its own semi-tropical micro-climate that is quite different to the surrounding region, not least for its high number of Chilean Palms surviving there.

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There are horse-riding opportunities near Olmué and also at the coast, if you enjoy riding along the beach. Good places to go are Con Con and Ritoque.

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Sea kayaking and surfing are very popular in the summer and there are several places between Valparaíso and Maitencillo that provide opportunities.

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Chile’s top ski resorts are all in the central region and are just a few hours from the Quinta Escondida. Portillo ( is 159km/98mi away and easily reached by good roads.

Valle Nevado ( is best for snowboarding and slighty closer, at 142km/88mi from Limache.

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You might think swimming is an obvious option. Be warned, though: the Humboldt Current makes the sea freezing cold here and most people stick to jumping in the waves to cool off or else wear a wetsuit!

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