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Oct 2012: We felt totally safe on public transportation. Bob, Ohio, USA.


Coming from Santiago airport:
Follow signs to Santiago/Las Condes/Ruta 5 Norte. If in doubt, follow signs to ‘El Norte’
Keep following signs to Ruta 5 Norte and exit right onto Ruta 5 Norte.

Take exit for ‘Til Til’ about 10mins drive after the toll booth on Ruta 5 Norte.
Follow signs to Til Til/Cuesta La Dormida
Drive through Til Til along the railway track until last junction, where you need to turn left for ‘Olmue/Cuesta La Dormida’ as the sign (easy to miss) indicates. You can recognise the junction by the many empanada shacks there (best empanadas are from first stall on the corner there).
Drive over the mountain (beautiful road) and turn off right into Olmue down in the valley (ignore sign to go straight on to Limache).
At the first plaza in Olmue village, turn left onto Eastman and drive directly 8km to Limache.
At first traffic light in Limache, turn right and follow the road around. Before you reach pedestrian traffic light crossing in front of a school, my street goes up the hill to your right.
My house is Carrera 013, the only large house with a second storey on your left.

All in all, this should only take 1:30hrs from Santiago if you don’t get lost!! Beautiful drive.
My mobile is: +56- 984180531
If ringing from US phone, you need to put codes: 0056-9-84180531.


There are two alternative routes.

If you don’t feel comfortable with serpentine mountain roads, you can also continue past the Til-Til exit on the Ruta 5, and take the Quillota/La Calera exit instead. Coninue on this highway until you see an exit called SAN PEDRO/CON CON. A turn-off to the right for LIMACHE is immediately after the exit pay toll. Turn right onto the highway heading under the road you just exited and remain on it until you enter LImache. My street (Carrera) crosses the highway you entered Limache on, about 1km from the first traffic light. Turn left up the hill to my house after the big school on your left. This route takes the same time, though it is about 20km longer.

The third option is a nice drive, but the most expensive in road tolls (about US$10). You can also head out of Santiago Airport following signs to the RUTA 68 to Valparaiso. Take the exit for VILLA ALEMANA before reaching Valparaiso and follow the Lo Orozco road to Ruta 62, where you must take the Villa Alemana exit to get on the Troncal Sur in the direction of Limache. Take first green signed exit to Limache to your right and follow the highway into town. Stay on the highway across the Limache River and continue (signs to Quillota). Carrera crosses this highway, where you need to turn right, up the hill. You can recognize the turn-off for Carrera by the antiques and furniture store on the corner.

By the way, you can buy cheap pre-pay mobile phones here in Chile for around US$20.


TAXI TRANSFERS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE BETWEEN SANTIAGO AND QUINTA ESCONDIDA AND COST AROUND US$120 PER RIDE IF BOOKED IN CHILE. But if you reserve prior to arrival in Chile, you can book your transfers to and from the airport for around US$155 round trip at




Exit the airport after leaving Arrivals and immediately turn right. You will see the airport bus stop there. Choose ONLY an airport bus that is lime green and says TURBUS on it. This will take you to Alameda Bus Terminal (last stop).
You will need around 2000 Chilean pesos (US$4) each, in cash, to pay the driver.

At Alameda Bus Terminal, you need to walk to the other side of the terminal, where you will find ticket booths for the PULLMAN BUS company. Any booth selling tickets to REGION V can sell you a ticket to Limache.
You will need around 4000 Chilean pesos each (US$8) for a one-way ticket (ida). If you ask for ida y vuelta, you are buying a return ticket.

Buses depart from Santiago to Limache every two hours. For example, at 10am, noon, 2pm, 4pm, etc. The last bus goes at 8.30pm. The journey takes around 2hrs.

Ask the driver to drop you on the corner of Condell and Carrera in Limache. Then walk two blocks uphill on Carrera. The Quinta is at Carrera 013. If you get lost, ring +56-9-84180531.

Public transport is cheap and very good.
Public transport is cheap and very good.


As above, except you reach the Alameda Bus Terminal by taking the red metro line in the direction of San Pablo, and get off at Universidad de Santiago, which is one stop after Estacion Central.


Go to your nearest Metro Valparaiso station and get on any metro heading to Limache. At Limache, walk straight out onto the high street (Urmeneta) and walk about five blocks, until you reach a big yellow building that is Colegio Brasil. The street crossing Urmeneta here is Carrera. Turn left towards the hill on Carrera and walk around three blocks up Carrera. The Quinta is at Carrera 013.

If you have heavy luggage, you can also get any bus from the metro station in Limache and ask to be dropped at Colegio Brasil, on the corner of Carrera. Stay close to the front door, because you will only be on the bus a few mintues!


Historic Limache Station is served by the excellent metro trains.
Historic Limache Station is served by the excellent metro trains.

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